Kromfohrlaender articles in english

Dear Kromfohrlaender friends,

we are getting a lot of inquiries from all over the world, asking about our beautiful breed.
So we aiming to build up a new page in English about this rare dog breed.

A international page from Kromfohrlaender owners for Kromfohrlaender breed enthusiasts all over the world. This page is dedicated to educate others about our wonderful breed. Find your dogs pedigree and go back to the very first Kromfohrlaenders. It is always amazing to learn more about the breed and find anchestors of your dog.

Kromfohrlaender breeders worldwide

On this extra page we listed links where you can find breeders worldwide


Kromfohrlaender breeders internatinal

Coefficient of inbreeding (COI)

The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) defines, to break it down real simple, the relation from the parents of an individuum. The closer the parents were related, the higher will be the COI.


Read more about the COI how it affects your dog. What is yours dog COI? And how can breeder lower the COI in the breed?