Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) in kromfohrlaenders

The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) defines, to break it down real simple, the relation from the parents of an individuum. The closer the parents were related, the higher will be the COI.

There are different ways to calculate the COI (u.A. Wright). In the Kromfohrländer breed archive the "tabular methode" will be used.

Coefficient of inbreeding in our kromfohrlaender breed

Note: The COI from particular dogs in this page relates to the value in the kromfohrlaender breed archive. In the archive the COI is calculated for the 7 previous generations. The further back you go or the more generations are calculated, the higher the COI will be, because the breed ermerges from just 3 founding dogs. So in the first years there had to be lots of inbreeding done to manifest the breed as such.


The more often a particular dog appears in the previous generations, is is more likely that his genes enforced through generations. This can be a benefit, when dogs with good characteristics (a good breeder should always set the biggest value on health!) are used often and so their genes are more spread within the breed. On the other side this affects sicken genes as well! The higher the COI and with it in- or line breeding from previous generations, the more likely it is that sicken genes can`t balanced and manifest in the breed.
Breeders try to prevent this, when mating kromfohrlaenders who aren`t so close related to get a wide spectrum of different gene combinition possibilities.

Why is it useful to calculate the COI in kromfohrlaenders for 7 generations?

If you take a look at the lowest COI litters in kromfohrlaenders and calculate the  COI for just 5 generations it would be 0,0% in some cases.
So don´t we have a problem with inbreeding at all? Shouln´t be at all if you just see those numbers...

But unfortunately the reality is different. We know that the breed emerges from just 3 different animals and there has been lots of inbreeding. If you take a look at Kromis born just 2 or 3 generations ago, you find dogs with high COIs (over 20%). For a realistic consideration at kromfohrlaenders we take a look at a wider period of time and calculate more generations.

Importance for kromfohrlaender breeding

Because the Kromfohrländer emerged from just 3 dogs and was inbreed in his early years, breeders should take a good look at their matings and consider to take a mating partner where the COI is preferably low.

In reality more people know the phenotype (external experience) than the genotype (entirety of the genes in the organism) of their dog.

But since a couple of years kromfohrlaender breeders are lucky to have some genetic tests for the breed available

At this moment there are gene test for:

  • Hereditary Footpad Hyperkeratosis, (HFH)
  • Hyperuricosuria, (HUU)
  • Von Willebrand's Disease (vWD) Type 1


With this tool it is possible that special diseases don´t appear anymore in the breed. You don´t need to "hope" anymore to catch a mating partner who doesn´t have the same wrong genes like your dog. Furthermore you can now choose a partner where no puppy needs to suffer from the diseases above anymore!
For other diseases, like different auto immune diseases which are linked to genetic impoverishment, the inheritance is not so easy and many different genes play a role, so we need to wait maybe many more years until tests are available.
Until that point it is even more important to set up the breed wide with genes and strive for a low COI. At the same time the genetic tests which are available at the moment should be used by any chance, to wipe out diseases now, where we already have genetic tests for.


I set up a list with the lowest COI in kromfohrlaenders, I found in the breed archive. It´s striking that all litters with low COI emerge from matings with a smooth and wire kromfohrlaender. Here was the full potential of both hair types used, which was bred many years apart from each other.


How is the COI of my Kromfohrlaender?

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In the kromfohrlaender archive the COI of every dog is automatically calculated to 7 generations.

The lower the value, the less same ancestors you can find in the dogs pedigree.


Note: Every dog who appears more than once in a pedigree is marked blue. Best way to take a look at the pedigrees below is always show 5 Generations (you can choose 3 or 5 to be shown on each dogs site). The less blue marked dogs, the less this one particular dog was used in the breed of your dog and the lower the COI will be.

To compare:

Our Gin has a COI of 2,08%. The first doubled anchestor can be found in generation 5.

Testmating - an important tool for breeders


The "Testmating" tool is a super interesting tool in the archive for every breed enthusiast and breeder.

With this tool you can create a litter pedigree within seconds. Only the parents of the litter have to be in the archive.


As a breeder you can test different combinations with stud dogs. You can see the related dogs (blue dog = more than once in the shown pedigree) really fast. If you click on "pedigree analysis" you can find a detailed view of the pedigree including COI and many more information.


When you own a stud dog you can as an owner check within seconds how the future puppies pedigree would look like and if the mating would be okay just from relations.


Even though matings are allowed, where dogs have the same anchestors from the 3rd generation, it shouldn´t be done often in the purpose of the breed. Best way is to have any (in the 5 Generations shown below) or really few blue colored dogs in the pedigree in the archive.


Litters where the breeder go with good example ahead we have listed here:

lowest COI in kromfohrlaender litters

Our dogs are tested by My Dog DNA

We can recommend it to test your kromfohrlaender there. They have lots of kromfohrlaender being tested there and besides multiple other gene tests, they include in the test which are important for the kromfohrlaender at the moment!