kromfohrlaender international - where to find a breeder?

The kromfohrlaender is still a rare breed. Even in his original country (Germany) there are just around 200 puppies born each year. There is no commercial kromfohrlaender breeding. This breed is still in the hands of loving owners who keep their pets as a part of the family and so you won´t find normally any kromfohrlaender mixes or dogs in any shelter worldwide.

When bying a kromfohrlaender puppy the breeder wants to keep liefelong contact and, of course, just gives the puppies, who are part of the family too, in best hands! Usually the breeder wants to know the family the dog goes into before and it is important to keep a good contact with the breeder throughout the progress of pregnancy and the first weeks. Because the breed is so small people tend to give dogs more likely to people who want to show or breed/ use as stud dog their dog under the rules of their countries club (in Germany it´s the VDH where they get their official papers).


In Austria there is only one Kromfohrlaender breeder "vom Schloss Judenau".

We got Gin from this breeder. The dogs are known for their very nice temperament. All Kromfohrlaender bred there are helth tested for "Van Willebrandt"!


There are two smooth haired breeders in Belgium
Angel Silvestre
vom Herver Land



In Danmark there are some breeders for smooth and wire Kromfohrlaender. Find more information here on the Danish Kennel Club Homepage


Finnland has it´s own Kromfohrländer Club. You will find most likely a breeder for the wire haired type. More information to breeders and kromfohrlaender in Finnland: Suomen Kromfohrländer Ry


I think there has been just one litter in France in total. No known breeders at the moment


Germany has it´s own Kromfohrländer Club (called "Rassezuchtverein der Kromfohrländer"). All information for upcoming litters and breeders you can find on their homepage: Rassezuchtverein der Kromfohrländer - breeders and puppies (PDF data with latest breeders who are waiting for their litters)



There has been some litters in the last decades in the Netherlands. At the moment there is no active breeder nor a kennel club fot this breed in the Netherlands.


Kromfohrländer is bred unter Norsk Kennel Club. There are a handful breeders in Norway. On Facebook the Kromfohrlaender owners in Norway have a group.



Sweden has its own Kromfohrländer Club. 

Breeders can be seen on this site: Kromfohrländer breeders Sweden

Besides Finnland Sweden has the largest Kromfohrlaender population besides of Germany. They have a growing community of kromfohrlaender owners and breeders.
Active swedish Kromfohrländer breeders are also shown on this site.


There are every year just a handful of puppies born in Switzerland every year. You can find more information on the Homepage of the "Schweizer Kromfohrländer Club" which is the Club for Kromfohrlaenders in Switzerland.

United Kingdrom

There is no Kennel Club just for Kromfohrlaenders in the UK. There are one or two wire haired breeders at the moment. Best way to reach them is through their facebook group: Kromfohrländer in the UK

North America

Kromfohrländer Club of America -


In the USA there are now nearly 100 registered kromfohrlaenders (07/20). Since 2012 Mary Dixon took big effort establishing the breed Overseas!

Visit their Facebook Page for contact to the Kromfohrlaender scene in america


All dogs used in the breeding program are DNA tested for Van Willebrandt and Hyperkeratosis! At the moment there is only one smooth haired male in the USA. All puppies born lately are wire haired.

Africa, Asia, Australia, South America

No known breeders or owners. No kennel clubs for this breed.